Acquired via BookCrossing 18 Jul 2010

Published in 1943, this is the story of Dunnian House in the Scottish borders and its inhabitants, the Dunne family.  It opens with old Celia looking back on 90 years in the house and then follows the fortunes of her inheritors and their relationships with the other local families.  There’s a poor relation, a faithful retainer and a wise gardener to enjoy reading about, as well as the children of the house and their suitors and loves.  Reminds me a bit of Francis Brett Young (which is probably why Ali loved it too) in the marrying of lovely and loving descriptions of the countryside and of the inhabitants.

Utterly charming – they don’t make books like this any more.  It’s the kind of thing the "House at Riverton" style writers are trying to do, but the originals are the best, I’m afraid.

This was originally a loan from Ali, hence reading it soon after acquisition; however, she has managed to source a non-BookCrossing copy for herself so I’ll release this one instead of returning it to her.