Acquired via BookCrossing 05 Feb 2010 – from KGC bookshelf

I picked up Paula Radcliffe and Kelly Holmes’ autobiographies at the same time, but had a little gap between reading them.  This one was just as good as Kelly’s (I like the way they mention each other, too!).  "My Story So Far" is up to and including the disastrous Athens Olympics, with some follow-up information afterwards – and what was a very traumatic time is faced up to at the very start of the book and then returned to and explained in its place chronologically.

The chronology does go a bit odd in places, and I got confused in the University and just-post-University years.  But that didn’t really matter – what did matter was the honesty and directness of the story, with Gary putting his oar in occasionally (amusingly at time).  There’s quite a lot of detail on physical and digestive matters, but of course these things really count – and are endlessly fascinating to a fellow runner even if probably a bit Too Much Information for the more casual or uninvolved reader!

Like Kelly, Paula acknowledges that running is one of the few sports where everyone, from elites to slow but sure charity fundraisers, can take part in the same race at the same time.  And the amateur as well as the professional can get encouragement, tips, familiar feelings and inspiration from both books.

A very enjoyable read and I am left with even more admiration for Paula’s strength and determination.  Oh, and I loved that she went for a run on her wedding morning bridesmaid and lifelong friend Liz Yelling!