Acquired via BookCrossing 30 Jan 2010 – at the Birmingham meetup

Shock, horror, it’s a Mills&Boon! I don’t think I’ve ever read one knowingly before – nothing against them and I know they give a good service of escapism for some people and easy to understand reading material for others – but I’m not really a romancy kind of girl.  

But this is a Debbie Macomber, and therefore it was picked up.  OK, this very short book is a romance, and the usual romance things happen like the two main characters being in conflict, a charming yet steely hero, a heroine who doesn’t realise she doesn’t want a career so much as a BayBee… but it *is* a Debbie Macomber, and so the situations are interesting and the plot is funny and the characters are well drawn and rounded.

It did take me all of 45 minutes to read – but that still counts as a book read, doesn’t it?