Acquired via BookCrossing 20 Mar 2010 – book spiral

Seventh in the marvellous Benni Harper series, and just as good as the others, even if the storyline isn’t quite as neatly resolved as before, and hinges on a very sad case.  Once again, Benni’s relationships with the members of the art co-op and her family and friends are beautifully drawn, and her small town seems very real indeed. Characters from the previous books pop in and out, and the whole book is centered on the interesting dual worlds of horse breeding and winemaking which are very important in these parts.  There is a new, annoying, cop in town, but he’s got some intriguing attributes and I do hope he appears in the next book.  I wanted Benni to stand up for herself when The Ex Wife came into town, but she is supported by her family and friends and hopefully does the right thing.