Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Aug 2010 – from Sorcha

Two good pony reads from Peyton, a reliably good author.

Both books feature Ruth as the heroine, in Fly-by-Night a realistic girl who is desperate to have a pony, even though she lives in the middle of a modern housing estate with a garden instead of a field.  Her brother and his friend help her achieve her aim, and then it’s a struggle all the way as she tries to teach herself how to ride and school a pony, with a half-wild young pony who doesn’t really help.  The common pony book coincidences of a pony girl up the road and the possible help of an expert don’t really work out as she hoped, so she’s pretty well on her own, and it’s realistic on the stresses and boredom of trying to sort out a young and excitable pony.

By the time The Team takes place, Ruth can pretty well ride, and is in fact outgrowing her first pony. She gets sucked into the rather haughty world of pony club team events, but she’s got a better stables, a chance at a more suitable mount, and a new friend who has an unusual situation but is managing to rise above it.  Her old friend Peter is doing all sorts of things he shouldn’t be, and again there’s lots of pony detail and realism about mud and having your toe stepped on.

I think there’s a third in the series, which I will look out for.