Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Feb 2010 – from a donation of books for my OBCZs

Out of the 4 people who had had this book, pass through their hands, only the first had read (and rather disliked) it.  So I took up the challenge.

Right – this book has now been read!

I didn’t actually think it was that bad.  The narrator is honest about her reasons for wanting to try out stripping (she just liked the idea), carrying on (the money is good and it gave her more self-esteem than her day job in an office) and the people surrounding her, whether other strippers and sex-workers or their clients.  It does go into a lot of detail and while I’m fairly unshockable, having read a few books on this subject, it would not suit someone more easily shocked or not keen on this kind of stuff.  I found it interesting and well-written, and liked the author’s positivity about her fellow-workers, and lack of a judgemental attitude.

Will release somewhere child-proof!