Very tired but wanted to get this down…

The night before I suddenly realised I was actually going to have to run this on little training and a taped-together knee.  Gulp! I was determined to give it a go and get a lift back to the start if I fell apart.  So I was very pleased and a little surprised to say I did it!

Start was a farce – too crowded and took ages to get to the right bit.  So so cold, too. Walked to and THROUGH the start! Saw Matthew on the left as we ran down towards the markets.  I started with Anna but could see she would be faster than me so sent her off as arranged at about mile 1.  Didn’t see mile 1 marker but at 2 I was at 23 minutes so pleased with that, and at 3 I was at 35 minutes, carried on with 12 min miles to mile 8 so really pleased about that.  Past the Scottish pipers – there was music all round the course, much appreciated!  Down Pershore Road and we saw the fast people coming back – also saw Blind Dave at this point which was a bonus, and saw LUCIA friends and then a little later the banner; knowing I would see them on the way back up was a real bonus.  I was pointing at my logo on my shirt the whole way round and encouraging people to shout "Lucia!" – really helped me on.   The loop at 5-6 had some steep bits and some downhills and then there was LUCIA again – I managed to coincide with one of the other girls running for the charity and we had photos taken and video as we ran along – most fun!  Annika appeared at the cricket ground – hooray!  Had a chat with a couple of nice people from Kings Heath Running Club and I’ll be joining that when I’ve got my leg all OK again, I think.

Miles 8-9 in Cannon Hill park I found hard but teamed up with a lovely chap called Mark who was then with me to the end, thanking me for dragging him through it! Saw Annika again as she’d cycled round, then 9-10 in Balsall Heath were amazing – kids and grannies out with orange squash and jelly babies, lots of cheering.  And I saw Sarah from the gym who shouted LIZ rather than Lucia!  2 hours 2 at 10 miles – better than my last training run, but sloooooowwww from then on in. 

10-12 were quite hard – a bit of Middleway under lots of concrete bridges only a Brummie who loved Bham even more than me could love! but firemen blaring their fire engine horn and cars beeping cheered us.  Two lots of Dhol Drummers were a real boost at this stage.  Up and up and up through Edgbaston – doing Action of Running now, v slow, and hips aching (but knee ok!).  Annika, Paul and the chap they had been cheering on appeared near Five Ways – amazing! and then on to Five Ways, under the underpass and I felt GREAT on the last mile in! Head up, big BIG smile (look for those films and photos on the website!) and running well.

I did it in 2:45:23 which I was very pleased with under the circumstances.  Matthew and Jen, plus Anna with her creditable time of 2:31:08 were there at the end.  A hot cross bun, got my lovely medal and bag, then a pizza at Pizza Express.  Back home and popped in the gym to say thank you as they really got me round (Phil the Physio did 1:34!).  Shower, and bed.

Thanks to all who encouraged me; I am more proud of myself this time than any of the others!