13 May 2010 – acquired from The Story Exchange in exchange for… a story

So, the way I got this book was more interesting than the book itself!  An artist in Birmingham runs something called The Story Exchange, an informal, occasional event where you go and type out a story on an old-fashioned typewriter, give it in to the Story Exchange and get a free book in return (yes, I told her about BookCrossing, and she now labels all the books with BookCrossing IDs too!).  Anyway, I’d been curious about this book about a journalist who decides to cure herself of… herself by exploring the world and what it has to offer in terms of material and spiritual goods and balance, so decided to pick it up.

Unfortunately, although many, many people loved this book, I found it empty and hollow.  It all seemed so self-indulgent, and the fact that she could afford to undertake this journey because of getting a book deal to describe it made it a bit fake for me.  She didn’t really try to gain wisdom and peace from helping other people, said she wasn’t going to describe her marriage then went a bit too much into it, and I just didn’t like it.  Oh – it reminded me of Julie & Julia, another "quest" book by a New York journalist – maybe I just don’t like New York journalists (sorry). I didn’t like Sex & the City either!

Anyway, I did persist with this and I did enjoy some of the descriptions, but I realised I was reading it a) because I read quickly and b) because it was handy for my handbag and I’m a bit unbalanced of TBR in favour of large hardbacks at the moment.  Which don’t seem compelling reasons to recommend it.

Will be registered on BookCrossing and passed along!