05 Oct 2010 – LibraryThing Early Reviewers

I thought this was going to be a bit different, maybe a book about the "false friends" (ie words that seem similar in French and English but don’t in fact mean the same thing) that would discuss how they came about, draw amusing parallels, have a bit of background and context etc.  Maybe like "The Meaning of Tingo" or some such.  Instead it’s a list of words and translations, which is amusing enough, and then some lists of trees etc, which could be useful, but because there’s no context or in fact INDEX, it would not be the first resource I’d turn to if I was wanting to check a word or even, to be honest, delve into the French language.  And I’m a reasonable French speaker with a strong interest in word formation, common language roots etc.  What a novice learner would make of this, I’m not sure.  Maybe I was expecting too much.

Anyway, I leafed through it; I’m not going to even count it as a book read this month in fact.  Rather disappointed as the work and knowledge is obviously there, and so much more could have been made of it than this, which remains a throwaway skim read, really.