16 Jun 2010 – gift from friend Helen/Nice-cup-of-tea

I’m not normally the biggest fan of the short story as I like a longer form, maybe because I read quickly.  But this was sent to me as a gift, chosen for me, and there was a lot to like.  In particular, Rose Tremain’s story about the death of Tolstoy was beautifully written as if it was itself by a master Russian writer, and Kate Atkinson’s "Lucky We Live Now", about a woman’s possessions going back to their original form in an age of austerity (I particularly liked the kangaroo) was quite disturbing but ever so well done.  Lots of different types of writer made it a very interesting collection and enjoyable to read.

I’m trying to be rigorous about not keeping too much, so as this has already travelled, may I BookCross it?