Acquired via BookCrossing 23 Jun 2010 – from a donation bag

I do like a travel/adventure book and had heard of Campbell’s epic walks but not read about one of them, so picked this out of a donation to BC to read.

It was actually a bit of a dispiriting read.  While it probably did reflect the tone and experiences of the walk accurately, the squabbles, paranoia and flaring love/hate relationships between the support team and Campbell were at times tedious and at many other times annoying.  It’s a hard thing to do, but it seemed spoilt by these relationships, often between people who’d had no chance of assessing one another before meeting and conducting the journey.  Campbell acknowledges that she can be selfish, and I have no problem with her assertion that a journey like this can be just for the person doing it, but she does seem ungrateful and difficult, and I note that her previous journeys have been dogged by controversy, so maybe there’s a bit of defensiveness in there.

Anyway, it’s read and done, it was interesting, and off it’ll go to pastures new…