Acquired via BookCrossing Nov 2010 – from donation bag from a friend

I’d previously read and loved Ibbotson’s children’s book "Journey to the River Sea" so was excited to find a pile of her books for slightly older teens in a donation bag via a friend’s mum.  I don’t think they are a series, but I put them in date order just in case.

This is the absorbing story of Anna, exiled from Russia and having to turn her hand to domestic service in order to survive.  With the classic Big House setting and possible romance with the son of the house, this is a much better version of what Kate thingy who wrote House at Riverton tries to do.  Even though there were some outstandingly bad copy-editing errors, and even though you could tell what was going to happen in the end, this was a riveting and absorbing read that I couldn’t put down.