30 Dec 1990

I knew this was one of my favourite Murdochs, but couldn’t remember why, past Gerard’s magnificently described parrot, Grey.  Well, there are pretty well the only two scenes in Murdoch to bring a tear to my eye… one of my favourite characters in all of her works, Jenkin Riderhood, a discussion of what happens when a group of friends who set up a fund to support the writing of a Marxist tome turn away from the extreme left and, indeed, the author, and beautifully-realised portraits of the subtleties of friendship as well as of marriage.

This is Murdoch at the height of her powers still; an engaing, absorbing read with a wonderful cast of characters, some great set-pieces, a good cat, a marvellous parrot and a book you can’t put down, even though it’s 600 pages long.