13 Jan 2010 – PDSA Shop

By the way, I know some of these have been read out of order and are from rather random dates – they were pulled from the pile of "series, 3 investigators and pony books" that I keep for moments of need.

The Mystery of the Magic Circle – the boys are doing some holiday work when they come across a mysterious reclusive film star and a puzzling circle of friends and associates.  Jupiter is of course a film buff, and they can’t help but look into it.  Some great scenes, but personally I didn’t like the idea that the star did have some magic powers, as the books usually go to great pains to explain anything that seems magical with an everyday reality.

The Mystery of the Scar Faced Beggar – Hitchcock has died and this one explains how the boys find their new mentor.  Mr Sebastian seems somehow mixed up in a bank robbery, but they can’t work out how. Meanwhile, there’s a blind, scarred beggar who might not be a beggar OR blind, OR, indeed, have a scar, and some deeply silly stuff about South American revolutionaries. Great stuff!

The Mystery of the Blazing Cliffs – this is a great cliff-hanger (ha, ha) which finds the boys trapped for most of the action on a remote ranch, whose owner has decided to live what we would now call "off grid".  It plays on people’s preconceptions and beliefs to wonderful effect – a really good one.