Dear friends,

I’m just reviewing my activities as I look onward to 2011; I’ve already dropped responsibility for one BookCrossing Zone and am handing over another to colleagues soon, and I’m looking at other things that take up time (I’ve dropped a day at the day job to use for Libro but it’s not going to be enough to ensure I have all my evenings free again…)

So, with my book reviews, I write them on here, and link to them via twitter and facebook, and I also write them with a pen, in a journal. I don’t want to stop the paper journal.

To help me decide whether to continue with this book review blog (and sorry if you’ve seen me ask this on fb/twitter too!) please let me know if

a) you read my reviews
b) you enjoy reading them
c) you get something out of them (recommendations, wish list, something to avoid, etc)

I just want to know if doing this online has any value outside myself.

I do know some of you comment on my reviews, and this isn’t a request for validation or touting for compliments – I just want to know.

Thank you!