It’s done! As I’ve "only" (that’s only for me, not related to anyone else’s reading) read 158 this year, I found I could do a top 10 in total, rather than a fic and a non-fic… although I do have some honourable mentions in the fiction category…

FAIZA GUENE – Just Like Tomorrow (life in the French banlieus for a North African family)
RACHEL FERGUSON – The Brontes Went to Woolworths (wonderful quirky fun)
RAPHAEL SELBOURNE – Beauty (struggling to make a life in Wolverhampton for a wonderful range of characters)
EVA IBBOTSON – Journey to the River Sea (classic children’s fiction)
IRIS MURDOCH – The Book and the Brotherhood (the end of Marxism, a good cat and a great parrot)
Honourable mentions:
PAUL MAGRS – Aisles (because it’s lovely and because Iris Murdoch is a character)
IRIS MURDOCH – The Philosopher’s Pupil (because I thought it was my favourite IM novel)

STUART MACONIE – Adventures on the High Teas (funny and charming travelogue with the right amount of sentimentality)
DAVID CRYSTAL – Just A Phrase I’m Going Through (autobiography of the prolific writer on language)
A.J. JACOBS – The Year of Living Biblically (fascinating, funny, yet deeply respectful)
ANDREW MARR – The Making of Modern Britain (history at its nearly best)
DAVID KYNASTON – Family Britain 1951-57 (history at its VERY best)

Worst books of the year:
David Nicholls – One Day (protagonist of the same era as me, annoyed me intensely)
George Eliot – The Lifted Veil (weird, and then yucky as anything)
Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love (and be self-indulgent, all the time sailing along on your publishing advance and money from relatives)