31 Jul 2010

Gosh, the gap between acquisition and reading is a bit big at the moment! Mind you, I’ve only got a shelf of TBR at the moment, so not so many acquired in the second half of the year.

Anyway – this, the third part of a 2 for 3 purchase from Waterstones, was an excellent choice.  I’ve liked Radcliffe’s work in print and on the radio for years, and this did not disappoint.  Rather than a straight autobiography, he picks out days when something exciting or interesting happened, and writes a short piece, not as long as a whole chapter, about each of them.  This covers radio, at various stations, walking, bands he’s seen and bands he’s been in, heroes, entertainment and all sorts.  There is a very small overlap with his book about the bands he’s been in, and there’s very little about his family, except when they’re pursued by journalists in the very interesting section on Mark and Lard’s attempt to do the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.  The pieces are funny, touching and always well written, and this is a book that lends itself very well to being re-read.