Acquired via BookCrossing 10 Aug 2010 – at a KGC mini-meet

So this came recommended by Bridget and previously owned by Ali’s Dad, which was a good set of recommendations to have! 

I loved it – really could not put it down.  As previously mentioned, the central theme of the book is the conflict between different forms of Jewish observance.  The two boys at the centre of the book, Reuven and Danny, both have fathers who are powerful and well known (in different ways) both within their communities and within the wider community.  Their paths take a different turn to how people expect, and their relationships with their fathers, and each other, are vitally important.  I learnt an awful lot about the attitudes of American Jews in the last days of WWII and about the background to the founding of the state of Israel; but while this book has a didactic purpose, it also works as a work of literature, both exploring large and complex themes and being eminently readable.  I can’t wait to go on to The Promise; in fact, I’m already reading it.

Note: I am trying to press this on Matthew, too (we’re trying to read some Great Unread (by us) works of 20th Century Fiction), so I’ll work out if he or Gill has it next.