I had an exciting package of books arrive from Amazon yesterday – half for Libro’s reference section and half for ME (spending some of my vouchers I’d been saving up).  Some people have expressed an interest in what’s arrived, so…

Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers: The Story of Success – this is about how genius is mainly hard work (I think). Belongs to M and I as we both plan to read it and we used some of his parents’ Christmas money on it.

Anne Tyler – Noah’s Compass – her newest one, in paperback at last.  I have all her previous books, a real favourite. This is a bout an older man who has something of an epiphany.

Chris Mullin – Decline and Fall: Diaries 2005-2010 – I loved his first volume, covering his time as a junior minister but with quite a lot of access to Blair, up to 2005. This takes us up to the last election.  I loved the first one because he’s a decent, family man who honestly seems to want to serve the people and democracy, and he also has a way of writing that’s both clear and acerbic at times.  When I found it in the sale for £5, I couldn’t resist

Simon Garfield – Just My Type: A Book About Fonts – the history and development of fonts, by the popular historian who wrote those great WWII books based on Mass Observation Diaries.

And the Libro ones? Well, I don’t like to waste the opportunity for a blog post