22 Jan 2011 via BookCrossing – BookRing from Sorcha

Comprising "A Cedar Cove Christmas" and "Call Me Mrs. Miracle", this is a nice seasonal pairing.

I preferred A Cedar Cove Christmas – we come up to date with the favourite characters from Cedar Cove, and, while the Christmas puns are a bit laboured at times (Mary Jo Wyse’s three brothers run a garage called Three Wyse Men…) it is cheerful, sweet and not overly sentimental, with the dashes of humour and acerbity that Macomber does so well.

Call Me Mrs Miracle has a nice New York setting and more of a classic romance story as the heroine, looking after her nephew for her brother serving in Afghanistan meets a man who’s not quite who she thought he was.  I liked the first Mrs Miracle story I read, but the "angelness" of this series annoys me a bit, I’m afraid, even though it’s done cleverly.

A nice undemanding and cosy read at a time when I needed that!