09 Sep 2010 – from Paola on LibraryThing Virago Group

I was excited to ask for this spare copy and receive it, as I loved Bird’s book about travelling in the US South-West and hoped for more of the same.  I got to p. 100.  The descriptions were interesting, but I was beaten down by the unyielding patronising and colonialist descriptions of the Japanese people.  Basically, they are all yellow, ugly "mannikins" who are out to cheat her, or living in disgusting poverty from which they refuse to raise themselves… and she just seems to find them loathsome.  And this spoils the book for me (especially as I was working for a lovely, highly competent and well organised Japanese client for Libro at the time of reading – that made me feel very uncomfortable!).  So I gave up after p. 100 and will be sending it off to another LibraryThinger (I have warned them all!)