From library

Too fast a read of this one, as it was sadly recalled along with all my other books on Iris Murdoch (I’d had the Chronology out for 3.5 years!) and I had to go through them in a hurry and choose whether to read and note (this one), read for enjoyment only (the next one) or accept I wasn’t likely to read in the near future and they weren’t needed for my research (a couple of others). I will get hold of a copy of this for myself at some time…

An excellent and intriguing set of essays on various aspects of Murdoch’s philosophy and fiction – it was almost like being at a Conference. And, of course, this included the thrill of seeing familiar names as the authors. The Introduction (which furnished me with a great quotation around which to build my theoretical approaches), and Nick Turner and Bran Nichol’s chapters were the most directly useful for my research, but I enjoyed all of this read, with so many different aspects covered.

If you’re interested in my research, there’s more info on my website and in my blog posts I will share its progress as I go along.