From library

Another excellent Murdoch read, this one read in bits and pieces up to half way through the day it was due back. This one looks at the Saints in Iris Murdoch’s work: Brendan Craddock in Henry and Cato, then James Arrowby (The Sea, The Sea) through to the different experience of the messiah figure in The Message to the Planet. The change runs from the trappings of religion, through Buddhism and its concepts to an almost invisible, Christ-like but not necesarily Christian, goodness. I particularly enjoyed the assessment of Stuart Cuno (The Good Apprentice) and dear Jenkin (The Book and the Brotherhood) and found more joy and interest in Message To The Planet (and photocopied some of that chapter for Gill, as there’s some stuff that meshes with comments she’s made on that book). Not tied into my research but very good and will again look out for a copy for myself.