16 Dec 2010 – BCBirmingham Not So Secret Santa from Kate

The story of one woman’s life and marriage from the 1880s through to the early 1940s. It can be seen as a strongly feminist work, highlighting the lack of opportunities for self-fulfilment for somen of this time, and it also highlights the plight of Japanese Americans in WWII. It was also really depressing, though, and I couldn’t see what genre it belonged to, although there have been various portraits of women in the 20th century and of marriage recently (Andrew Sean Greer, Anne Tyler…). I’m glad I’ve read it, as I’ve read all of hers, but not my favourite of her oeuvre. Looking at reviews on LibraryThing and Amazon, most other readers seem to agree with me, which is something of a relief. Oh, and it’s got elements of her own family, describing some situations of a great-aunt and uncle, which is probably where the “different genre every time” bit comes into play.