My first book group has now read “The Bell”, discussed it, and filled in my questionnaire. I asked the group leader to share their experience of taking part in the study to reassure people who are currently signed up and hopefully encourage other groups to join in. Thank you, Book Group Leader A!

“Really enjoyed reading the book and the discussion was really easy for me as everyone had so much to say that I barely had to lead the discussion at all. I’ve attached the notes, your questions fitted in easily with our discussion, so I wrote everything down, though felt like we discussed more than just my scrawled three A5 pages. Also, I think I mentioned I was a bit worried about collecting the [demographic – age, etc.] information from people, but I printed the questions on slips, let everyone fill them out and then popped them in an envelope I sealed and no one had any problems with it.”

As there were no comments or changes to make to the actual questionnaire itself, I will be able to send it out to those groups who are reading and discussing the book in April in the next few days – watch your inboxes.

If you’re interested in taking part in this research, do have a look at my other posts (choose “Iris Murdoch” from the category cloud on the right) or my web page about the basic principles behind the research project – and do contact me if you’d like to be involved or have any queries.