10 May 2011 – LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program

Irma’s living in a Mennonite colony in Mexico (something I didn’t know existed – I learnt a lot from this book), but she’s already got involved with the forbidden locals, so once she gets mixed up with a film crew making a drama the community doesn’t want, it’s only a matter of time before she has to go on the run, trying to rescue her younger sister as well as herself. Before she goes, there are some delicious scenes around the film: as a translator, she’s meant to smooth out any misunderstandings, but she subverts her instructions, and bosses, beautifully and hilariously. They meet a lot of transient characters along the way (in a road trip which is reminiscent of her previous novel, "The Flying Troutmans"), as well as more stable people who may be able to hep them more usefully, and gradually adapt to a life of "freedom".  The ending, though, leaves a lot of questions to be answered, although not so many as to be unsatisfying.  A fast-paced and exciting, but engaging and intriguing, read, with another of Toews’ captivating heroines.