I just thought it might be fun to pull together a few of the mentions the Iris Murdoch project has had online – this of course is apart from the emails going out all over the place, including from the Iris Murdoch Society themselves, and the mentions and shares on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again, all who forwarded emails out there for me, or mentioned or shared in various ways.

Paul Magrs was kind enough to let me do a guest post on his blog (link to follow)

The author Eve Makis put a note on her website.

Urban Coffee Company did a piece on their blog about being the test group for the project and the questionnaire.

And the latest reference to the project comes from West Ealing Neighbours.

If you post about the project, do let me know as well as linking back to this blog or the web page about it.

More news to come in early June, when I round up how many responses I’ve had back so far and confirm I’ve sent out the June questionnaires.