17 Mar 2010 (this was my At The Table read, which is why it took me a while)

A pretty flawless biography of the politician and Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, of whom I’ve always been rather fond (I helped to look after his archives in my first Library job, and had to phone his rather formidable widow, Clarissa, Lady Avon, whenever someone came in to consult them). Some events are rather dry, but they’re told with a balanced hand and a concern for accuracy that makes them more interesting. There are asides from the biographer and he even comes into the story at times, as a young MP in the latter years of Eden’s House of Commons career, but he always strives to be fair and his comments are appropriate. A good, old-fashioned biography, that shies away from the prurient moment and is stern where it needs to be, but also firmly on Eden’s side, and even tender at times.