As I’ve just been sending out some questionnaires, I thought it must be time for a quick update on my Iris Murdoch And Book Groups project.

I’ve just finished sending out the questionnaires to the remaining groups who are reading “The Bell” in June.  Some group leaders had already requested their questionnaires and have already been sent them.  If you’re reading the book in June, and you haven’t had a questionnaire from me, please check your spam folder and then contact me if you still can’t see it.

I’ve had five sets of questionnaires back now, which is wonderful – and they’re making very interesting reading.  I’m not going to be able to pull out the final themes until I’ve had them all back in, of course, but there are some very interesting themes starting to emerge already, particularly in terms of what my participants thought about / knew of Iris Murdoch before undertaking the project.

My Iris Murdoch A Month project is finishing; we’re all reading “Jackson’s Dilemma” and some of us have posted about that, so the members of that group will find themselves confronted with the second lot of questions for my case study, asking them what they thought about reading all the books in chronological order, how they’ve found the process, whether they will ever read another Iris Murdoch novel again … The first part of this was fascinating reading, so I’m really looking forward to the answers coming back to me for the second part!

It’s not too late to join in the main part of the project: if you run or are part of a book group, anywhere in the world, and would like to help me find out whether a mid-century novelist is as good a book group read as the latest Richard and Judy recommendation, do get in touch and join up – all you have to do is read “The Bell” and answer a few questions for me!

Information on the background to the project can be found here.