Library Thing Early Reviewers’ Programme – arrived 05 July 2011

Two years in Bhutan described by an Australian man, with a mix of life there as a rare Westerner and the effects of and on his rather hasty marriage to a French aid worker that allows him to be with her and stay in the country.  Interesting and honest, although short, and the sections were a little abrupt and disjointed.  I’d have liked a bit more detail and context (this is because it was a good read and I wanted more!), as well as some photographs or drawings and amybe a what happened next section for all of the characters we meet.  I found very few typos in this small press offering, by the way, which was refreshing. 

This book would appeal to people who like reading about exactly what it’s like to live in a new country, or a particular country, as well as those interested in aid and development.  The story of the marriage adds an extra dimension which means it would attract people who are more interested in human interest and relationships.