CHRIS MULLIN – Decline & Fall

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12 Jan 2011

His political diaries 2005-2010, ending with the general election and his personal resignation. A lot of interesting precursors to what happened in the election and afterwards, and some excellent comments about Clegg! Has a valedictory feel as old friends pass away and his career dwindles, but still some of the best diaries around.

E. H. YOUNG – The Misses Mallett

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6 Aug 2011 – from LT Virago Group member Stuck-in-a-Book

Read for All Virago All August. A marvellous read about a set of rather eccentric aunts, the niece who comes among them and the slightly unseemly fight for a neighbourhood gentleman. Lovely character and the acerbic and highly observational work I’m already coming to associate with this author.


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Acquired via BookCrossing 18 Jul 2010 – bought for my spiral

Next Betsy Devonshire, with international art smuggling making a somewhat confusing theme (I was also unsure about something said about Doris). Quite a big one but it leapt along nicely.

M. C. BEATON – Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye

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Lent by Ali

A return to form for Agatha, as the murders are not too horrible. We have more of the detective agency involved, although there are a couple of unresolved issues. The Christmas theme doesn’t mean it HAS to be read then.


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20 Jan 2011

Read for All Virago All August.
Steeped in maternity and family, a rather amazing Virago for its time, and now. Like being immersed in the waiting suspension of late pregnancy and the milky intimacy of a new mother. The female Squire running her house contrasts with the sere butler and communes with her midwife and friend, again contrasted with their virginity and rather desperate youthfullness respectively. Hugely engaging; absorbing in all respects.

SETH GODIN – True Tales of the Revolution

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Another flimsy e-book, that wasn’t really a book, but a collection of stories about inspirational people plus efforts, sent in to Godin. Inspirational but the sheer number of entries and their unedited nature, means this wears thin.

JOANNA TROLLOPE – The Other Family

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A Trollope “issue book”, this one about the current, but not married, family of a man who dies, warring with the original wife and son. The research – on music and Newcastle – show itself clunkily and it’s all a bit contrived and tells rather than shows, of course. Passes the time.

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