I haven’t done an update on my Iris Murdoch project for a while, so here’s a little one …

First of all, some great news – I have now had SEVENTEEN completed questionnaires returned to me! I didn’t think I’d end up sending out so many, let alone sending out almost twice that and having so many back already!  Thank you so much to all my lovely participants who’ve sent their replies back to me.

I think everyone who is expecting to have received a questionnaire has got one – if not, please let me know.  I’ve had a couple of emails recently where people have said they’ve looked for the questionnaire on the website, haven’t found it, so have contacted me.  The reason the questionnaire isn’t on the website is that I want to make sure I send out the same text with every questionnaire, and I also need to know how many people have been sent it, so I can work out the percentage I’ve had back.  So bear with me, please, if you would like a questionnaire, and just drop me a line or fill in the contact form on here to get one.

My group which was reading all of Iris Murdoch’s books in chronological order of publication has now finished – I feel a bit lost without it, but have joined a friend’s similar project with Thomas Hardy.  I’m just waiting for the last few responses to come through on my extra questionnaire for that group and I’ll be able to write it up as a case study.  This means I’ll have something to present to the Iris Murdoch Society in September 2012, even if the main research isn’t finished by then.

Talking of writing up … as many of you already know, I have a part time job and run my own business as well as doing my beloved research project.  Luckily, as I’m an independent scholar, I don’t have a supervisor breathing down my neck.  And I’m giving myself a short ‘leave of absence’, just over August and September, as it’s traditionally the busy time for my business (a lot of my work is with dissertation students), so I can concentrate on the business and not just dabble half-heartedly at the research.  Don’t fear, though – I’ll still be responding to request for information and very happy to receive your completed questionnaires!

Finally, this is how you’ve sent me your questionnaires so far …

  • a typed-up report by the group leader
  • a typed-up report by the group leader and written or typed documents from the members
  • a handwritten report by the group leader and the members
  • any of the above pasted into an email
  • any of the above as attachments
  • any of the above as a combination

And you’ve sent me the demographic information …

  • summarised on your report (typed or handwritten)
  • in the form of written sheets through the post
  • written out on your report
  • a table in your report

So you can see there are loads of ways to do it all, all of which are fine!

Happy reading, and I’ll talk to you all again when I’ve surfaced at the end of September …