From the publisher

I've been reading Paul Magrs' novels for several years now, and his publisher kindly sent me an advance proof copy of his latest novel.

In a location departure for Paul Magrs, in his new novel we're off to New York for more supernatural goings-on, as a book from a mysterious shop in London travels over the ocean to bring mayhem and … biters.  With a deliciously nasty villain, an innocent heroine (or is the true heroine a rather more … inanimate-seemng being?), and a lovely hero who really should be introduced to Robert from the Brenda & Effie series, so hopeless are they both at finding a really nice boyfriend who won't, erm, bite their heads off – plus some of those great feisty older ladies who Magrs writes so well, this book has adult themes and scenes and some parts that genuinely scare (OK, I'm easily scared). It's all full, of course, of Magrs' trademark witty writing and deadpan humour. There's a lovely homage to 84, Charing Cross Road, which is deftly and well done, and equally well-done, atmospheric locations.  I had one slight issue with the way the speech of one of the characters was portrayed, and think the author should have trusted in his ability to relay different speech patterns  effectively, but this is a very minor point and one that I'm sure won't get in the way of other readers' enjoyment.

This book will appeal to lovers of Brenda & Effie, and also to people who like reading trashy supernatural stories and are ready for something a lot better written but still addictive.