Acquired via BookCrossing 28 May 2011 – Hare and Hounds meetup  

Plenty of copies of this book have passed through my hands but this one "took" and I'm glad that, after some previous resistance, I read it. In a somewhat Iris Murdochian way, we follow seven interlinked lives around London. Few errors in the things I knew about, so I assume the quite complex financial stuff (which, as is usual with these things, I followed as I read but then forgot) was right. Could have easily shaded into creative writing class rubbish (c.f. If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things) but really didn't. The only slight issue I had was that maybe Faulks was a little too fond of some of his characters to present them objectively, but that's not a major fault. Absorbing and of course, cleverly read in November!