I’ve had a bit of an odd week this week, so far. There has been a lot of passing knowledge on, and quite a few “last things” – I did my last lot of monthly statistics for the department today (and talked my manager through my notes I wrote up on it), which seems like a small thing, but I took the task on well over a year ago, spent ages streamlining it so I didn’t have to type stuff in twice, etc., and it was more of a complex task, maybe, as opposed to the run-of-the-mill things.  I have been training another colleague on a lot of bits and bobs and have been seeing the work going to her rather than me – again, a natural thing, but there’s a little connection lost and I float a little freer each time it happens.

Today I said goodbye to a few colleagues who won’t be in on Monday for my last day. With one, it was OK, as I know I’ll keep in touch and we’ll see each other again. With another, it was harder – I’ve worked with her for years and years, including a good few months where it was just us two in the same office three days a week; she’s so lovely and I’ll miss her, but I don’t really see that we’ll be in touch so much. I did choke back a tear as I said goodbye.

I’ve had a few presents – which I really wasn’t expecting – two from office-mates and one from the ladies who run the charity, LUCIA, that I’ve supported through my running and other endeavours. I have opened cards but not presents, as I’m expecting to have an emotional – if not physical – hangover on Tuesday and thought it would be nice to have something to look forward to. Although – it’s presents! – so I don’t know if I’ll keep strong till then!

I had the afternoon off today so I could balance out the flexitime I’d accrued, so I travelled home alone, a bit sad and wistful, and I have a load of Libro work to do, and Christmas cards to write if I run out of that: but I do feel sad, and I’m going to acknowledge that now as a rational reaction to the week, and press on.