This might be quite a long one, but I wanted to record my last day! Although I will still be getting up early to start work every morning, I won’t particularly miss the dark, cold walk up my road to the main road to catch the bus! I know it’s not always dark when I go out, but it has been, of course, these past few weeks.

The campus wasn’t quite this dark when I came in, but near enough. The library looked atmospheric and cosy with its lights on. As dawn comes up, all these trees fill with birds, twittering away. I will miss working on such a lovely campus.

Jennifer took some pics of me at my desk … and I took one of my dear desk-mate with my view up the office from my corner desk. I also took one of the view out of our window. I could watch the seasons change on the trees outside. At least we could see outside – in two of the offices I worked in (Courtyard Office and B38) I couldn’t see the sky at all!) I recorded one of the last bits of work I did (changing the loan statuses of these books) and a Love Heart from the sweeties I brought in for everyone: “Just Say No”. Nice!

A few people from the office went for lunch at Selly Sausage – thanks to Julie for organising this!  John passed me my card and presents with no fuss, which is exactly how I wanted it to be – thanks John! As we walked back, the sun went in a bit, which was a shame, as Campus had been looking just as it did in 1988 when I first visited on an Open Day! Becky took a pic of me outside the library …

After I’d finished work I went across to Staff House. The coffee bar wasn’t open so I sat on a sofa in the foyer with my hot cross bun and current read. Becky came and joined me and then a lovely number of my and Matthew’s colleagues came by to wish me good luck (sorry Alan, didn’t get a pic of you). Thanks for coming, everyone!

And Matthew and I went for a curry with a couple of the others … a bit of a late one!

This morning, I opened my gifts from Jennifer (the postits), the LUCIA ladies, and Heather – thank you so much everyone!

And now it’s Libro all the way, with a vengeance, with four projects to complete from my regulars (two done before breakfast!), a quotation in for another larger project and some student work coming over today.

Thanks to everyone at the Library and from Psychology who made my last day a fun and memorable one! Here’s a slideshow of pictures from the day …

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