**** UPDATE: I am taking the item to Kings Heath Police Station this morning (Tue 27 December 2011) so it will be there for you to find then. Thanks to everyone from Twitter and Metafilter who have come and had a look – much appreciated! ****

Do you recognise these people, photographed on what looks like a log flume? We found it attached to an item on Addison Road, Kings Heath. We have it at our house, and if this is you or you know the people, please get in touch using my contact form here.  It would help if you could let me know what it is you have lost, so we can make sure it goes to the right person, and we’ll also need to hand it over to one of the people in the picture, or someone who can prove their identity and connection to the people in the photo.

Local to SE Birmingham? Please email, facebook and tweet this link so we can return this important item to its rightful owner. Thank you!