Hopefully this year I'll read enough to do my usual 2 top tens – but today, just one, mixed fiction and non-fiction

In 2011 I read 115 books, of which 62 were fiction and 53 were non-fiction. I didn't finish 5, and I think I read another 6-7 actual books which I was editing at the same time: I've decided that's not the same as reading for pleasure/research, so didn't include them in the end.

So, my top 10 were (in order of reading them)

Chaim Potok – The Chosen
Winifred Holtby – South Riding
Judith Flanders – Consuming Passions (NF)
Iris Murdoch – The Green Knight
Helen Cross – Spilt Milk, Black Coffee
Patrick Barkham – The Butterfly Isles (NF)
Simon Garfield – Just My Type (NF)
Adam Nicholson – Sissinghurst: An Unfinished History (NF)
Monica Dickens – The Winds of Heaven
Farahad Zama – The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

6 new, 4 older, one re-read.