What do you do with sudden, unexpected free time?

I was sent home from Jury Service at lunchtime and told not to come back until Monday. Now, because I know they are free in advance, tomorrow and Friday don’t seem to count as “unexpected” free time. But this afternoon does, very much so: it feels like a delicious, almost wicked treat.

I have to admit that my first impulse has been to get some things done which have been pushed back. So I’ve designed and ordered some business cards for Libro, and I’m going to take the opportunity to write up some blog posts in advance so I can have the luxury of just hitting the “publish” button next week when I’m back at the Court.

But I’m also planning to carve out the small luxury of being curled up on the sofa, with my book, when M comes home. There’ll be a – large – cup of tea in there too, of course. And the book will be one of the ones I’m currently reading, making it another (oh, joy!) book that I don’t take weeks to finish.

So: over to you, kind readers. You’ve got, say, 4 hours off. Unexpected ones. Nothing is hugely pressing. What would you do?