I’ve had another good week this week – good in terms of Libro work and also in terms of work-life balance.  I did miss the Entrepreneurs meetup because I had some work coming in at the same time, and also meeting a friend for a birthday coffee … but I also had AN AFTERNOON OFF on Thursday! I went away from my desk, away from my office, away from my house, away from my city … and had lunch and a book shopping expedition with a friend from America who was staying in Stratford. Yes, I did have to tell my regulars who send me urgent fast-turnaround work, and yes, I did have to work right up to the moment when I left the house, and check my BlackBerry on the way round, but I did have an afternoon off.

I also went to Social Media Cafe on Friday morning and had a lovely time catching up with business chums and meeting new people. I did do some work and there is a photo of me doing so, but it was fine to whip out the laptop, polish off a quick check of someone’s English translation (I was charging by the word, not the hour: I wouldn’t work in a public place if I was doing the latter), then close it and carry on networking. It was quite funny to think I was caught out working when I should be chatting, though! And I went to the BookCrossing meetup on Saturday, too.

Apart from those social/networking occasions, I had a guest blog post published and was quoted in an article about the rise in numbers of self-employed people, spent a few hours delivering business directories for the local Business Association (I’m in the directory: v. exciting!) and even found time for a bit of work: mainly proof-reading and editing but a bit of writing for my retail shelving client and another business listings client, a little bit of transcription, and a localisation using some software with which I was previously unfamiliar.

I’ve hit all my targets for income for January and my billable hours targets for each week (how much I earn, rather than how much comes in), which is handy, as I wrote a post about Goals over on the Libroediting blog. Oh, and a quick plug for my friend Ali’s new book blog, which I helped her set up today, including a rather hefty import from her LiveJournal!

Looking forward, I have booked in to do some more transcription for a client I worked with just before Christmas, and I’ve got 2 new coaching clients, both doing Master’s degrees, who I will be working with through to their dissertation submissions. So it’s looking positive on the work front, and I’ve got some coffees and lunches with friends planned too.

Oh – if you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed person with a long-suffering (or not suffering) partner, friend, husband or wife, do ask them to contribute to my article about what it’s like living with one of us lot: here’s a place to respond.