As we all know by now, I like to be able to “give back”, whether that’s through sharing my experiences here, those of others on my Freelancer / Small Business interviews over on the Libroediting main blog, helping out at Social Media Surgeries or giving start-ups an hour or so of my time for free.

Another thing I like doing is giving people Kiva loans. Kiva is a charity that helps people to seed small businesses, mainly in developing countries. They work with organisations in the various countries who assess the people seeking money, and then basically crowdsource the funding to get the business going, or expanding. You can choose the type of people you want to give to (women, groups … ), the area of business they’re in and the country, and then browse through people to donate to.

The best thing is, it’s a loan. So your money does come back to you in instalments, and then you can lend it to someone else! We’re on our second and third loans now, so we know it works. It’s such a great idea and now Kiva have come up with a voucher so you can try it for free. I imagine it’s first come, first served, but here’s my voucher link – have a go! And do, please, let me know how you get on and if you go on to fund someone else.