Georgette Heyer – Sprig Muslin

(31 August 2011 – BookCrossing)

Part of a 4-book omnibus picked up from Linda – I’m saving “These Old Shades” for when I get to it in the books Heather gave me when I left my library job, but enjoying the other three. I hadn’t read any Heyer for years and years, so coming to these is like reading them anew. In this one, sprightly Amanda is caught running away by Sir Gareth, who then feels somehow that he has to keep up with her, keep an eye on her  and restore her to her fiance, all the time growing closer himself to the plain but resourceful Lady Hester. Ever such a complicated plot, but a lovely escapist read.

Jill Paton Walsh – Goldengrove Unleaving

(16 August 2011 – charity shop)

A pair of linked YA novellas. The first is a somewhat classic seaside/Cornwall/family secrets novel, with a pair of cousins staying at their grandmother’s house and a slow awakening to reality and life. The second book is more ambitious, with a multi-layered time scheme overlapping and aiming to confuse and intrigue, with some insertions of philosophy which are done pretty successfully. I did skim a little bit (even though I was concentrating on reading it on an exercise bike at the gym!) and it left me a little bit cold, somehow. I think I want to like these books so much that they would always let me down a little … ?

Georgette Heyer – Sylvester

Back to the omnibus (which has to stay at home as it’s a big one) and the rather marvellous eponymous hero meets his match in the redoutable Phoebe, erstwhile novelist, who has unfortunately put him in her book. His nephew, Edmund, is beautifully done, and there’s a fop, a sea voyage, a chase, and lots of aunts and godmothers – what’s not to like?!