As you may know by now, my friend Ali and I are doing a month of re-reading in July. It’s really time to choose our books, so here goes!

I have not planned this that well: I am part of two reading challenges, but I find I don’t have a copy of Elizabeth Taylor’s “Angel”, so I can’t reliably claim that I’ve read it (if only my Reading Journal Card Index was up to date …) and I am pretty sure I haven’t read Hardy’s “The Trumpet Major”, even though I have a copy, so I’m going to have to work round those (I’ll read the Taylor this month as it’s July’s read, and I have July-August for the Hardy). I also have a couple of books I need to read before watching the Olympics (“The Secret Olympian” and “How To Watch The Olympics”), but I will try to get those done this month. And I can’t find my copy of Villette, and the idea is NOT to buy new books for this, so, this is the pile at the moment.

The List

So, what and why?  Well, I wanted to sum up the kinds of books I like to read, I suppose, and sink back into some dear favourites and at least one that I’ve only read once.

Mary O’Hara – “My Friend Flicka”, “Thunderhead” and “Green Grass of Wyoming” – classic, wonderful pony books. I loved and read and READ these as a child/teen – I recall a New Year’s Eve in bed, ill, with them, one year in my early teens. But I don’t think I’ve read them since then, or in the last decade, anyway.

E.M. Delafield – “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” – a Virago, of course, and I do love this. I have read it several times, but not that recently. I’ve read a large number of Viragoes and Persephones in the last few years, but this is one of my original loves.

Charlotte Bronte – “Jane Eyre” – I always say this is one of my favourite books, but I haven’t read it for YEARS (there will be an Austen in here if I have time, probably “Northanger Abbey”, but I’m trying to be realistic!

Henry James – “The Europeans” – I love James but haven’t read him for ages. I remember really liking this one, but think I’ve read it only the once.

Larry McMurtry – “The Last Picture Show” – to express my love of the small-town America coming-of-age novel. And it’s a bit of a cheeky one – this is the first of the five-book Thalia series. I have the fourth and fifth on my TBR, but I really need to read this, “Texasville” and “Duane’s Depressed” again before I go for those. I have read this a couple of times before, but it’s simply marvellous.

Georgette Heyer – “These Old Shades” – another cheeky one, as it’s off my TBR! One book down in July! But I have been reading her a lot recently, and this is one I have been due to read for a while, as it’s one of the ones my friend Heather gave me when I left the library.

So there we are, a good selection, I think. Have you read any of these? Which one should I read first?

See what Ali’s planning to read.