A bit of a late post here – the Olympics got in the way, rather! July was my month of rereading, of course, and so the TBR didn’t go down that much. A bit of reading on exercise bikes has got the TBR looking a lot more healthy, and I didn’t do too badly on my Not Adding To The TBR project, either, gaining (OK, as well as three pony books sent for review by the publisher) a mere two books on the back right-hand end of the shelf. Hooray!

As for upcoming reading … I haven’t been doing much reading at home, owing to the Olympics taking up every spare moment when I wasn’t working or sleeping, so I have a little slew of Nice Books to attack – two Persephones and a beautiful Virago hardback reissue of Elizabeth Jenkins’ “The Tortoise and the Hare” (which will also count in All Virago All August, too, for the LibraryThing Virago Group). I am reading a great Edward Enfield book right now, and have one pony book to go in the set. I do want to manage a reread this month, which will probably be one of the Mary O’Haras there on the shelf. And once I’ve got through a bit of the Mag Lag downstairs (that’s that pile of unread magazines on subscription that sometimes gets a bit out of control and out of date), then that yummy diary anthology will be joining me at the dinner table.

The verdict: a bit chaotic, but I think you get the general idea! What are you enjoying reading this month? And is Mag Lag a feature of your household, too (M just got to the end of 2010 with his Edge Magazines, which might be a record)?