Photo: Fat free cupcakes from and they're yummy as well as pretty! I went to a relaxed and fun networking event called Likemind at the Saints Caffé in St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, this morning. I went because I’d not been to this cafe before, and I had the time, but also because I knew Yvonne Donald from Cupkakery was going to be there.  I’ve known Yvonne for a little while, I interviewed her for the Libro blog the other week, and she’d promised to explore making low-fat cupcakes that could fit in with my cholesterol-beating diet.

I really feel I’ve missed out on the cupcake trend, as it pretty well hit Birmingham just as I’d given up cakes. I’ve asked every cupcake company I’ve seen if they do low fat, and they usually don’t, although I’m always pleased for my gluten-free friends when they offer options for them.

But now, we have a low-fat option. And Yvonne hasn’t only done a low-fat version and stuck it out there; she’s done it right. This is what she did:

  • She checked out recipes and found one in a vegan cookbook
  • She emailed me the recipe to check that it did fit in with my rules (the only fat in the recipe is canola oil, which is one of the best oils you can use in terms of the balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats)
  • She made two slightly different batches and tested herself which was best
  • She brought me some sample cakes to try (and share)

I don’t praise where it’s not due. Yvonne takes enormous pride in her baking and was concerned that the texture was a bit “different”, so was keen to have me try them.

They were good. Really good. So beautifully presented, too. The texture is the texture of a low-free cake, which is slightly more “puddingy” than a standard cake (but that means they go well with custard!). I will be sharing these cakes with a few low-fat-eating friends, and Yvonne will be testing out a few more recipes and promoting this as a new niche product.

What this all really means, though, is that I went to an event where there were cupcakes, and I could eat them! Anyone else with a dietary requirement knows what this feels like!

Thank you, Yvonne from !