A somewhat misty, late night picture of my current TBR – don’t worry; I suspect that you can see it well enough if you click on it. Anyway, after three glorious slack(er) weeks when I read a lot and kept up with my reviewing, I’ve had a couple of very busy work weeks, have hardly read anything and have got sad little headings in my notebook rather than reviews. In fact, I’d have forgotten to do this post at all if I hadn’t seen Ali’s monthly roundup!

Anyway, I have added some items to the TBR, but luckily started the first in a trilogy and didn’t like it, which weeded some off the shelf too. So it’s not actually looking too bad compared to last month.

Current reading is the Niall Ferguson “Virtual Histories” that I started back in August on holiday. It’s really good, but requires concentration – I’ve started taking it to the gym again, to read on the recumbent bike, now I’ve caught up with my Elizabeth Taylor readalong (I’ve read this month’s one back in May), and I’m into the First World War now, of which I have more understanding and knowledge than I did with the earlier chapters.

Coming up next are these choice beauties – well, the political biographies will happen once the Ferguson is finished (I can face taking Michael Foot to the gym, but not T. Blair, so that will be a firmly At Home book). I have read one of the Georgette Heyers in the trilogy, so the next one will probably be up next; I’ve just finished a Virago, so “Cotter’s England” will need to wait for after that, I think.

Such a pretty original cover on “Cotter’s England”, though, and a good hat to finish off with! what are you planning to read