Best working at home shoes EVER

This is going to be a light-hearted exploration of what I and my fellow homeworkers are wearing, now that autumn is changing into winter, those home offices are getting chillier, and the layers of fleece are getting piled on.

Reassure me that my office uniform of pyjamas ‘n’ fleece, gym kit ‘n’ fleece, normal clothes plus a few extra layers are NORMAL.

Wow us all with your amazing winter warmers (I know someone whose mum knitted her woolly arm warmers – the wonder, the joy!)

Or do you sit there in full make-up with all your nails done … and that’s just the boys.

I’m going to share my homeworking outfits for a week. Please pop by and comment and share, otherwise I’m going to feel a bit silly …

So, today, for me, it’s

  • Long sleeved black cotton top from Primark, a bit baggy with extra long sleeves coming down over my wrists; black skinny rib v neck jumper
  • Black tights under black jeans, stripey socks I borrowed from my friend, Margaret, in 1994 – these initial layers are normal person’s warm day wear, because we walked to a distant Sainsbury’s this morning
  • Homeworker specials – my beloved Sketchers Shape-Up sandals – they are loose fitting (well, adjustable) and rock, so I can move around when I’m sitting at my desk or stretching, and my ankles don’t swell up any more; and a blue bodywarmer (OK, now it’s called a gilet) which, amazingly for me, matches my shoes

So that’s me, what about you? Go on, do share!

Look – I am coordinated!