There had to be some pyjamas in this series ... Welcome back to the new instalment of my week-long series on what the well-dressed (or not) homeworker wears to work from home. This is meant to be a light-hearted series in which we share those winter warmers and things you may not wish to pop out to Sainsbury’s while wearing … but actually I’m feeling quite inspired, and I’m going to write some posts on these topics (and possibly more) over the coming week:

  • Don’t worry: you’re employing my brain, not my fashion sense: why it doesn’t matter if I actually AM wearing pyjamas while editing your book
  • How did we cope with the transition from office wear to home office wear?
  • What do we wear when we DO go out or meet customers?

I’m finding this quite interesting, and I hope you are, too. I had some great responses to my first post, and you can find the whole series under the category “clothing“.

So, what am I wearing today? I admit that I did a bit of work before breakfast, and yes, I was transcribing in my pajamas (see illustration at top), plus thick socks, plus a fleece. With the heater on. Well, it was 9.6 degrees C in the kitchen this morning!

All the sleeves!I went to meet a friend for a coffee in a nice warm cafe, so put on jeans, socks, a long-sleeved brown top and yesterday’s black jumper, and now I’ve come up to the office to do blogging, book reviewing and a bit of light work (writing some articles for a website and a bit more transcription) and it is a little chilly, so I’ve added an extra, red, jumper on top of the other two tops. Nice and warm, but not too restricted.

Did you work from your home office today? What are you wearing? Do share – and share this post and its alerts, too – we’re all in it together!