Sunny dormer

Good morning! It’s cold, cold, cold here in Libro Towers this morning! But I’m lucky, in that my office faces south and has a big dormer window, so I will be getting the benefit of the solar gain soon …

I was all set to have my shower early, before M left for work, as I was going to be waiting in for a parcel for him, and I knew that if I didn’t take the chance to grab a shower, it could get pushed back through the whole day until the delivery guy came (especially as I am bathing rather than showering at the moment owing to a water pressure problem which means the shower doesn’t work) – ugh. I do have some standards!

This got me thinking, and the theme of today’s post is

Keeping up appearances

I’ll go first! I’m quite happy to mooch around in pyjamas until lunchtime, and am often to be found in gym kit when it’s yoga or gym day (which is most days). After getting up / getting back from the gym, especially in the winter, it’s often straight into tracksuit bottoms and a fleece. But I do have limits …

  • There are certain outfits which only go into the back garden and no further. This includes the famous Horror Pinks (very warm, fleecy-lined tracksuit bottoms in a lurid shade of hot pink; they only came in that colour, m’lud!) and crocs shoes with brightly coloured socks (actually, they go to the gym on yoga days, to ease speed of changing, but nowhere else)
  • Other items will go to Sainsbury’s and other basic shops, including the Post Office depot (which is a rare trip for me now*) – these include all tracksuit bottoms and gym outfits
  • I will wear gym outfits, i.e. yoga trousers and a gym top with a cardi over it, to meet my friend Sian for a coffee on the High Street, but no further afield
  • If I’m going into town, I will at least wear jeans/top/cardi or jumper (unless I’m doing the half marathon, in which case it’s running leggings all the way, and a MEDAL on the way home)
  • When we were having work done on the house in the summer, even though I know Terry, our workman, well, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what his customers look like, I felt the need to shower and dress semi-properly (jeans and a top or gym kit) before he got there
  • While I don’t mind what I look like opening the door to the postman or delivery men (*, again), when we were doing the Jubilee Party and I had neighbours dropping by at all times, I did realise I’d shocked one with my outfit (the bunches probably didn’t help) and tried to be more conventional-looking when people were likely to ring the doorbell. That’s all gone, now, though!
  • None of this stopped me finding myself on the front step of my house in trackie bottoms, pink socks and crocs, merrily on my way into town to meet Ali. It did send me back inside to change, though!

Ancient, cosy, hoodie

Do you have levels of clothing depending on where you’re popping out to? Or do you just not care, and go to the supermarket in your pyjamas?

* one downside of working from home – the postman and all delivery people seem to share the knowledge that you’re usually at home in the daytime, and deliver all your neighbours’ parcels to you. But it keeps you close to your community, I suppose …

Oh – today’s update: pyjamas at the moment, and lovely warm grey and white hoodie that I’ve had since pre-M days, so we’re talking 13 or so years. It’s still cold, and a hood is good around the ears, although I might get a bit tangled up when I try to do some transcription!

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