This week is going really well, with lots of comments and interest so far. I’m finding it all fascinating. I’m trying to have a little theme each day, and today I’m going to talk about …

The transition from office wear to home wear

What was your journey? Here’s mine …

Corporate Liz

I started off in a university library, not really any dress code but I changed from a goth look to trousers and jumpers, having panicked I wouldn’t fit in. Then the call centre was “anything goes, no one can see us!”. At the Cable Company I recall skirts, tops and cardis, and I haven’t changed much since then. At the Library Suppliers it was smart business wear at first, so suits or suit trousers and tops, and then when we got a new boss it change to business casual, so that was mainly an a-line or long skirt, top and cardi.

Library Liz

Then at the University Library again it was jeans or black polyester trousers, top and cardi, so I haven’t really slipped far from there.

I did buy some “smarter” loose jersey trousers, tops and hoodies when I first started working from home a couple of days a week. This was to give me something special to wear for my new job, and to keep me out of manky house-cleaning / gardening outfits. I’m not sure that worked entirely, but I do wear them, and I will be sporting a full set tomorrow (today is a difficult mixture of personal training at the gym and helping out at the Social Media Surgery, so no room for jersey trousers there).

Question 1 – do you miss your suits?

What about you? Did you find the move from office formal to home casual tricky to navigate? Do you miss the power suits and heels (or ties and cufflinks for the guys)? Or do you love slumming around in fleece all day (like I do)?

Question 2 – what did you do with it all?

I’m sorry – “timeless classics” are not timeless, they just last a few years longer than cheap fashion items. It’s like when M tried on his black tie outfit, purchased while at University, ready for his brother’s wedding a few years ago, necessitating a cry of “The 80s called, they want their dinner jacket back” (and the trousers! Crikey! Post them back to MC Hammer!) and a swift trip to Moss Bros. I had various suits left over from the library supplier days, but they went off to the charity shop a white back. I kept my black polyester trousers from the library years, but, again, haven’t felt the need to indulge in their chilly static electricity since I’ve been working from home, and those will be trotting down the road soon enough. None of it was suitable for the occasional client meeting and networking event I attend now (more on what to wear for those on Thursday).

What did you do with all your office gear? Do you sit in your home study, shoulder pads at full cock, expensive watch glinting on your hand. Guys, do you wear Pink’s shirts to do the gardening or under four jumpers?

Question 3 – and what are you wearing today?

A new day, a new work-from-home outfit … or maybe not? I’m in my gym kit at the moment; later it’ll be jeans/top/cardi for popping out to help people at Social Media Surgery …

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